I got my braces fitted two days ago and whenever I cough it’s very painful for my bottom lower teeth. I’m not sure if they actually are or if it’s just that they’re so tender but it almost feels like I’m pushing them outwards when I cough. Is this normal?

Ramona J. Answered question December 13, 2021

Sorry to hear about this, the first days with braces on can indeed be brutal 🙁

I remember the first morning I woke up, after getting Damon braces on the previous day, I almost fainted from the pain. But it was way better after few days and never in almost 2 days in braces did I felt that huge pain.

My Braces Hurt So Bad I Want To Cry – this is an article we wrote about how to deal with your braces pain.

In short, you can try to put ice packs on the “offending” cheeks, use warm salty water to rinse, over the counter pain medication, dental wax etc. Make sure to ask your orthodontist, you’ll get even more advice.

Let us know if you feel better 😉

Ramona J. Answered question December 13, 2021
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