Author: RJ

Just finished my orthodontic treatment. Why are my teeth still moving?

So, you endured months/years of braces, finished your orthodontic treatment and now are ready to face the world with your […]

Invisalign – the invisible braces

We call them invisible braces, even if in the end Invisalign doesnt rely on the regular braces system. There are […]

Invisalign Tray

Is It OK for the Invisalign Tray Not to Fit at First?

Invisalign is a ground-breaking orthodontic appliance that shifts your teeth into the right position without the use of metal braces. […]


Top 5 Reasons to Start Your Orthodontic Treatment

We all want a Hollywood smile, but fear the discomfort and length of a proper orthodontic treatment. From the first […]


Am I Too Old for Braces?

When it comes to braces, I think this is one of the most frequently asked question EVER: ‘am I too […]

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